• Backyard composting


    One surprising outcome of COVID19 is the increased interest in gardening and backyard composting. To encourage and support our residents, the Town of Holland has partnered with other communities to provide backyard compost bins at a reduced rate (by buying in bulk).

    To begin composting your grass, leaves and organic matter, we are offering a limited supply of composting bins for $50.  Contact the Town Clerk for more information or to order a bin: or 608-526-3354.

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    About the Home Composter

    This is the best backyard compost bin out there. It is simple to use, has a huge capacity for yard material and food waste, and made of 100% recyclable material. It is not sold in stores. ‚Äč

    Special Features: 

    • It is attractive
    • 100% recycled plastic
    • Black to absorb heat quickly
    • 128 gallon capacity (can hold six to eight 30-gallon bags of yard material)
    • Easy to use, simple to assemble and move if you need
    • Long-lasting
    • A door that slides open at the bottom giving you easy access to finished compost without emptying entire bin
    • A tight lid keeping pests out; yet is well vented to decompose organic material well
    • Comes with a copy of the book "The Composting Cookbook"

    Each composter comes consists of two sides with sliding doors, four clips, and a locking lid. Participants also receive an instruction sheet and Home Compost Cookbook with each purchase.