Assessment Information

Assessments 2024
Notices of assessment will be distributed to property owners who have had any changes in assessed values effective January 1, 2024. Keep in mind that "improvements" does not indicated a property owner improved their property, but rather than an "improvement" (building) exists.  Property owners will have an opportunity to discuss the assessed values with an Associated Appraisal representative at any time between now and the Open Book session. After the Open Book session, property owners will have the opportunity to appeal an assessment to the Board of Review. The Notices of Assessment contain the dates and times of the Open Book and Board of Review meetings.

Open Book:  The Open Book will take place Wednesday, May 8th from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Holland Town Hall.  Associated Appraisal asks residents to to take advantage of discussing their quesitons/concerns via phone or email.  Contact Associated Appraisal at 920-749-1995.  Notice:   link

The Board of Review is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th beginning at 4:00 p.m.  Notice link

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