Plan Commission

Comprehensive Planning 2020-21

FINAL PLAN:  Town of Holland Comprehensive Plan 2021-2040

Open houses

The public was invited to view the documents and learn more about the comprehensive update.  The open houses were February 22 - 25 and March 22 - 25.  If you were unable to attend an open house session, we invite you to view & listen to the following:
Powerpoint presentation

2020 Public Participation Plan

Public hearing was held May 5th at 6:30 p.m.  Notice  Minutes

Zoning & Comprehensive Planning Background

Differences between zoning, comprehensive plan and assessment
Public hearing protocol
Comprehensive Plan categories
Comprehensive Plan amendment application

Boundary Agreement

Public hearing Notice: February 27, 2017
Public hearing Minutes: February 27, 2017
Boundary Agreement (final)
Exhibit 2 (map with current municipal lines)
Exhibit 3 (map with boundary lines)
Exhibit 4 (boundary map overlay)

Engineering - Stormwater Migitation Bittersweet, Van Dunk and Erann Ct
GEC report detail
GEC additional information
GEC appendix F