Building Permits

The Town of Holland requires a building permit for all residential and commercial buildings. The only exception would be agricultural buildings on land zoned Exclusive Ag or General Ag. Such buildings, do, however, require certification. EA and GA Brochure
In addition, if your parcel is located within a Shoreland District, a permit will be required for almost any construction activity (see County Land Conservation Department).


The Town of Holland relies on La Crosse County to assist with the permitting process. Once their process has been completed, they will issue a "zoning permit". Zoning Brochure

Here are some helpful links:

Building Permits:

For new houses:

  1. Zoning Permit (see above), stamped in Red. (Town's copy)
  2. Town of Holland building permit application
  3. Verification of Dwelling Thermal Envelope compliance with Wisconsin Energy Conservation Requirements (Heat Loss Calculations or RESCheck Calculation)
  4. Driveway application (If accessing a town road, see below)
  5. Building Plans including Foundation Plan, Floor Plan of all Levels, Building Elevations, Building Sections, and Window Schedule in detail enough to show compliance with Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code

For additions (including decks, pools, etc.), accessory buildings or plumbing, electrical or heating inspections:

  1. Zoning Permit (see above), stamped in red "Town's Copy"
  2. Town of Holland Application for Building, Plumbing, Heating & Electrical permits
  3. Building Plans for Dwelling Additions & Alterations


A driveway permit is required to access all roads and is obtained through the respective municipality:

  1. Town Road
  2. County Road
  3. State Road (Contact Wisconsin DOT- 3550 Mormon Coulee Road, La Crosse, WI 54601, 608-785-9022)

Fire Number:
Each new parcel will be assigned a fire number when a zoning permit is issued for a building. A fire number sign (reflective green with white lettering) will be ordered when you apply for a building permit at the Town and installed by the Town on building completion. There is a one-time fee (see fee schedule link below) for the sign.

Building inspector:  contact Bob Alsens, GEC, 608-697-8007

See our permit fee schedule for the current fees

About fences:

A zoning permit is not required for fences in La Crosse County. The Town of Holland has no set regulations. According to State statute, any fence with a height greater than 6 feet may be considered a nuisance.

Be sure to check with your subdivisions covenants. They may address the type of material used and the structural aspects of fences.  Also, we highly recommend not placing a fence right on the property line but a mower-width away in order to maintain the fence without accessing your neighbor's property.

Privacy fences must meet the same front building setback requirement as other structures (check with the County Zoning office for individual front setback requirements). Any fence forward of the front building setback must be open (ie: chain link or picket) to avoid visibility problems. There is no setback requirement from side and rear property lines.

Questions often arise regarding the appropriate location for a fence. If such a question exists regarding the location of the property line, a survey by a private land surveyor is recommended. It is important to know the location of underground utilities and easements.

Updated: 4/4/2023

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