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Solar Background:

In September 2014, the Town Board appointed a Community Solar Committee to study the possibility of installing a solar farm on Town property. A preliminary site study suggested the area could support at least a 100kW system. The Committee met with various vendors, researched options and analyzed the different structures. The Committee also studied the many legal, financial and project design considerations and assisted in drafting a proposal.

In early summer 2015, a “request for proposals” went out and multiple companies provided bids to Riverland Energy in late August. At about the same time, Dairyland Energy (the parent under which Riverland operates) solicited proposals for a 1-megawatt site, which put our solar farm proposal on hold.

Early spring 2016, the Committee decided to move forward and study other solar options. A “request for proposals” was issued and four companies provided quotes to install solar panels at the Town hall and to participate in a “bulk buying” program. On June 8, 2016, the Town Board approved the Solar Committee’s request to hire the services of H&H Solar (Madison, WI), using money from the CapX2020 Environmental Impact Fee Fund.

On August 26, 2016, the Town's solar array went live! The Town held an open house on September 10th and informational meetings on September 12th. There was much interest for both residential and commercial installations. The bulk buying program was to be in effect for approximately one year.

In January, 2017, the Town was notified that the solar group buy was on hold due to management changes at H&H Solar. The Committee met in early spring to talk about options and interviewed prospective solar installers. As a result, the Town of Holland made a new partnership with Aquilla Solar. Aquilla Solar then meet with residents who expressed interest in solar. Unfortunately, due to the lack of solar tax breaks in the State of Wisconsin, the group buy program has been suspended (as of 11/26/18). We are hoping this program will be reinstated in the future!

Background documents:

press release
Town Hall solar array specifications

Pictures of the Town Hall installation

Xcel Solar Gardens proposed February 2016

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