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  • Short Term Rental Ordinance #3-2018

    An ordinance establishing regulations for operating short-term rentals in the Town of Holland.

  • Sign/Billboard Control Ordinance #4-2007 (as amended in 2012)

    An ordinance regulating large outdoor signs within the Town of Holland.

  • Smoking Prohibition in Town facilities Ordinance #2-2006

    An ordinance to prohibit smoking in the Town Hall.

  • Speed Limit Ordinance #2-2013 (as amended in 2019)

    An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance #1-2013 Setting Speed Limits Within Township Boundaries.

  • Speed Limit Ordinance - Amendment #2 - 2020 Download
  • Stormwater Utility Ordinance #3-2021
    An ordinance establishing a system to collect charges from all users of the Town stormwater collection system to including reinvestment in the maintenance and improvement of existing infrastructures, and other improvements to the sytem that will reduce urban non-point source pollution in stormwater runoff consistent with federal and state regulations.
  • Street Number Posting Ordinance #1-2011

    An Ordinance Regulating the Posting of Street Numbers on Real Property Within the Town of Holland.

  • Subdivision and Land Division Ordinance #1-2008 with Amendments 1-4

    An ordinance to regulate and control the division of land within the Town of Holland.

  • Temporary Retail Alcohol Licensing Ordinance #2-2011

    An ordinance regulating the issuance of temporary retail alcohol licenses with in the Town of Holland.

  • Town Officers' Terms Ordinance #3-2012

    An ordinance intended to adjust the town officers' terms in response to Election Law changes as enacted by 2011 Wis.Act 115